Succulent Trifecta


Plant Sizes = Small (4″ pot width)

*Plant height will vary

3 hand-selected succulents from our favorite 4’’ seasonal availability. Don’t worry, we have good taste! Succulents are easy to take care of and can be placed indoors or planted in your garden.

*Note at this time, we can’t send the names of each plant in this bundle and we can’t take requests to put together certain plants.

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The Dirt

Native to Africa and South America. The name, succulent, is derived from the Latin word sucus which means juice or sap. This is directly linked to their leaves which are filled with nourishment to ensure the health of the overall plant. Because of the sap these do not need to be fertilized or watered very often, thus making them easy to maintain. Succulents grow in almost every color of the rainbow but green is the most common. Succulents can be propagated by cutting a piece from the main plant. It requires little effort, just place the leaf on top of the soil and baby roots will begin to grow, then you can plant it. The chalky substance on a succulent leaf is to protect itself from too much sun exposure, which also helps the plant keep pests at bay. Succulents like to be planted in soil that is grainy and can be placed among one another.

Succulent Trifecta

Care Tips

Generally if a leaf looks yellow and bloated, it can mean that you are overwatering it. If there are pieces that are brown, you might not be watering it enough or it needs to be repotted

You can snip off the flowers so that the main succulent grows faster

These are drought tolerant but it is recommended to water every other week

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Native to Africa & South America

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