Asparagus Fern

*Plant height will vary. 

This plant can be hung or placed on a table, versatile. The leaves are green, thin, feathery, and almost seem translucent, but they are sturdy and strong! The leaves can grow upwards and than begin to cascade down. This is an easy fern to grow, great for beginners! Yet, it is actually not a fern. It is in the asparagus family, which is where it gets its Common Name. 

Part Sun
High Water
Pet Toxic

The Dirt

Native to South Africa. This is a fast growing plant that is low maintenance. The climbing shoots can wrap around anything close. But luckily this can be pruned if you want. This plant has a reputation of being almost indestructible!

Part Sun

This plant likes most rooms with windows facing west or east. You could place it in a spot away from a very sunny window – as light intensity goes down quick as you move away from the light source.


Water twice a week. Before watering, feel the soil, the top layer should be dry, if not dry wait a day or two. If the soil still is wet, you risk giving the plant too much water, you don’t want it to rot.

Pet Toxic

Only when ingested it may cause mild oral and gastrointestinal upsetness. Keep out of reach from pets and small children.

Asparagus Fern

Care Tips

Vulnerable to frost, so its better to grow this indoors

Too much shade will turn the leaves yellow

Try to not make the soil soggy which will attract insects 

Native to South Africa

Common Names

Plumosa Fern
Asparagus Fern

Botanical Name

Plumosa Nanus



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