Upon Arrival

Unpack your plant as soon as possible, it needs air & space (don’t we all? 😅)


Water your plant(s) right away. Stop when water starts draining from the nursery pot.


Place it somewhere cozy in its new home. Each plant has unique light and watering needs. Search for your plant below to learn more.

Care Tips

Repotting? 🧐

No need to repot for at least a year. Your plant is currently in its grow pot.

Droopy? 🌾

Water and make sure it is not in direct sun. Also, don't overwater (wait until the soil is dry between waterings).

Imperfections? 🍃

Yellow leaves, brown spots/tips are normal (you can always prune those off). Be patient! Your plant is adapting to its new home. Also, a couple of leaves falling off is totally normal. Try not to panic!

Bugs? 😱

Although not desirable, it comes with the territory. Nature is nature! A spray mix of warm water and a couple of drops of dish soap should do the trick. Also, you can isolate it from your other plants until there are no more buggies.

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