We created a unique retail experience

Focus on Houseplants, Home Decor, Gifts, Live Music, Specialty Coffee and Workshops

The Mellow SF specializes in all things we love. Our plant selection offers our community strong, low-maintenance options that are unique. Perfect for busy people and plant lovers alike! 

Each plant is hand-picked from our local nurseries for your homes. Our partner greenhouses are located in Half Moon Bay, Richmond, Watsonville, and Santa Cruz. It is very important for us to source locally.


Besides selling online, our shops in SF offer an intimate and unique experience! We believe in treating your 5 senses from the moment you walk in.  We work with our community to offer advice and plant knowledge. If a plant purchased from us dies within 7 days? We’ll replace it with one of equal or lesser value (as long as you at least watered it). We want to set you up for success!

On top of selling plants and plant-related items such as pots, soil, plant medicine, and on. We also have a curated selection of products to compliment your home decor and overall functionality.

Our Mission

The Mellow SF exists because of our love for community. Our mission is to come together, under one roof, to share each other’s appreciation of mother nature and ultimately, beauty in all its forms.

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