We created a different kind of plant store

Focus on Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

The Mellow SF specializes in indoor plants that thrive in all types of home environments. We offer our community strong, low maintenance options that are unique. Perfect for busy people and plant lovers alike! 

Each plant is hand-picked from our local nurseries to your homes. Our partner greenhouses are located in Half Moon Bay, Richmond, Watsonville, and Santa Cruz. It is very important for us to source locally.

The Store

Besides selling online, our retail shop is located in the heart of the Mission! We work with our community to offer advice and plant knowledge. If a plant purchased from us dies within 7 days? We’ll replace it with one of equal or lesser value (as long as you at least watered it). We want to set you up for success!

On top of selling plants and plant-related items such as soil, plant medicine, planters, and on. We also do our best to support predominantly women-owned small businesses with their craft, such as perfumes, oils, mists, tea, naturally dyed pieces, ceramics, incense, and books.

In addition to shopping, we offer workshops taught by artists. This is our way to connect the maker to the community and to educate and inspire our neighbors. Our workshop calendar is posted in-store and on our website where you can browse and sign up for a workshop easily.


The Mellow SF is a creative partnership, thoughtfully formed by husband and wife, David & Lorena, along with our pups, Mellow & Lilac. The Mellow SF exists because of our love for plants and community. Our mission is to come together, under one roof, to share each other’s appreciation of mother nature and ultimately, beauty.

Prior to The Mellow SF, we poured all of our energy into Home Sweet Flowers, our sister company, that originally started from our home, back in 2013. HSF grew into a floral design studio that successfully created for over 1k weddings & events in the San Francisco Bay Area.