Maranta Lemon Lime


Plant Size = Medium (6″ pot width)

*Plant height will vary. 

These plants grow low and wide, cascading out. The top of the leafs are painted with stunning veins and the underbelly is a glowing burgundy shade. The leaves are oval shaped and grow rather quickly. However, if it becomes out of control, you can always prune it back! This plant is great for beginners once you get the hang of it. 

Part Sun
High Water
Pet Friendly

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The Dirt

Native to forests of Brazil. The prayer plant gets its name since the leaves raise upright at night and unfold during the day in order to receive the sun. Leuconeura means “white-veined”, referring to the leaves. This plant is named after Bartolomeo Maranta who is an Italian botanist of the 16th century.  

Part Sun

This plant likes most rooms with windows facing west or east. You could place it in a spot away from a very sunny window – as light intensity goes down quick as you move away from the light source.


Water twice a week. Before watering, feel the soil, the top layer should be dry, if not dry wait a day or two. If the soil still is wet, you risk giving the plant too much water, you don’t want it to rot.

Pet Friendly

Yay! This plant is not toxic to our furry friends (regardless, you don’t want them to chew on this beauty).

Maranta Green

Care Tips

This plant lows water! Water twice a week but try to let the soil dry out before watering again

If the leaves turn and remain that way it could mean too much sun

Native to Tropical and Subtropical New Guinea & Asia

Common Name

Prayer Plant

Botanical Name

Maranta Leuconeura



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