Frizzle Sizzle


Plant Size = Small (4″ pot width)

*Plant height will vary.

These our mind blowingly cute! The leaves are green, thin, and coil at the ends. So much character! The leaves extend up from a bulb and during spring can grow yellow flowers that smell sweet. Frizzle Sizzle’s like indirect filtered sunlight and don’t need to be watered often. These need care and patience!

Part Sun
Pet Toxic

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The Dirt

Native to South Africa. These plants thrive outdoors under sunlight but it is possible to have them indoors under the right circumstances. They like the temperature to be around 60 degrees. Water them when the soil is on the dry side, around once a week. Try to not have the soil get bone dry! Not prone to any pests or diseases. This is a winter growing bulb!

Part Sun

This plant likes most rooms with windows facing west or east. You could place it in a spot away from a very sunny window – as light intensity goes down quick as you move away from the light source.


Water every three weeks. Let soil dry up before watering. Feel the soil, top layer should be dry, if not dry, wait two days. If the soil still is wet you risk giving the plant too much water, you don’t want it to rot.

Pet Toxic

Only when ingested it may cause mild oral and gastrointestinal upsetness. Keep out of reach from pets and small children.

Frizzle Sizzle

Care Tips

This plant goes into dormancy during the summer, after flowering. It may lose it’s leaves. But that is normal! As long as the bulb is healthy the leaves will grow back in the fall/winter

Excess water can cause bulb rot

Do not place your Frizzle Sizzle near a heater or air conditioner 

Remove any dead flowers so that the plant overall can thrive

Select pots with drainage holes, this plant needs good drainage 

Native to South Africa

Common Names

Corkscrew Albuca

Botanical Name

Albuca Spiralis



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