Euphorbia Ammak

Plant Size = Extra Large (12″ pot width)

*Plant height will vary. 

This is a rare cactus to come across mainly because of it variegation. The Common Name is Candelabra because it has the ability to erect new stems. The crown has flowers for pollinators that are yellow-green. This cactus is very easy to take care of and are happy to grow indoors!

Part Sun
Pet Toxic

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The Dirt

Native to Saudi Arabia and North Africa. This cactus likes full sun to part sun. This can grow rather fast. The ribs are thick, wavy, and four winged, with dark brown spikes. Well draining soil and pots are great for it to thrive and be low maintenance. Resilient to pests and diseases. 

Part Sun

This plant likes most rooms with windows facing west or east. You could place it in a spot away from a very sunny window – as light intensity goes down quick as you move away from the light source.


Water every three weeks. Let soil dry up before watering. Feel the soil, top layer should be dry, if not dry, wait two days. If the soil still is wet you risk giving the plant too much water, you don’t want it to rot.

Pet Toxic

Only when ingested it may cause mild oral and gastrointestinal upsetness. Keep out of reach from pets and small children.

Euphorbia Ammak Variegata

Care Tips

More die from too much water than not enough, they are self sufficient 

If cut this cactus will release a milky sap

Native to Saudi Arabia and North Africa

Common Names

African Candelabra
Candelabra Spurge

Botanical Name

Euphorbia Ammak



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