Request Time Off

Please read below before placing your request 👇🏽

  1. Are you requesting 1 day off? you can place up to 3 of these requests every 3 months.
  2. Are you requesting >1 day off (for example 2 up to 7 days)? only 1 of these requests can be considered every 3 months.
  3. Is someone else off the date you want to request? If so, then please look for another date. We can’t have more than one team member (in the same team, meaning coffee team ≠ store team) off during the same timeframe (requests are first come first serve basis). Check the Mellow Team Calendar  before placing a request to see if that date is open
  4. How many days off have you had so far? There’s a Max of 14 days off allowed every 12 months.