Air plants are very cool and attention-grabbing! The leaves are silvery mint shade and many leaves are thin, long, or curly. Lots of varieties and sizes plus many flower! Flowers can come in purple/pink or orange. Tillandsia only need air plus moisture. Perfect to put in your bathroom!


The Dirt

Native to Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. The name is derived from the Greek words xeros meaning dry and graphia meaning writing. Air plants do not grow in soil instead they live on rocks, branches, or tree limbs. They are not parasites, instead they receive support and sunshine from their host. Air Plants are ok with full or indirect sunlight since they are tropical. They love the rain! When it is raining outside, you can bring it out to catch some drops.


Care Tips

Submerge your air plant in water around once or twice a week for 15mins. Decrease this during the winter months. After it has soaked, shake the excess water off and place it upside down so it can absorb and dry

Do not place your plant near a heater or air conditioner since it can dry out faster 

Avoid direct sunlight when it is drying

Water in the morning so it has time to dry

It is a good idea to mist your air plant since it loves humidity. Mist 1-2 times a week 

Slow growing can flower

Native to Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras

Common Name

Air Plant

Botanical Name




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