Handcrafted jerky has the subtle umami of mushrooms, the flavor of freshly ground spices, and a meaty, satisfying texture. Munchrooms are so rich and chewy, it easy to forget you’re munching on a meatless snack (seriously)!

Made from whole, non-GMO shiitake mushrooms, mushroom jerky is packed with vital nutrients like selenium, potassium, vitamin B2& B3, vitamin D, and more. Mushrooms basically exist as the perfect vehicle for flavor, and after marinating and seasoning them using a classic 5-spice blend, freshly cracked black pepper and a spicy—yet mouthwatering—red chili, they achieve a new level of snacking perfection.

Using simple ingredients and a time-tested recipe, a plant-based jerky actually tastes incredible. Thanks to the naturally delicious texture of sliced and dried shiitake, it’s a snack that both carnivores and plant lovers alike can enjoy. With a satisfying chew and a healthy serving of fiber in each pack, Munchrooms also keep you fuller for longer


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