Peperomia Red Edge


This is a great plant for beginners, since they can be neglected and are drought tolerant. The leaves are oval disc shaped and retain water, like a succulent. Peperomia come in green with some accents of red or are marbled white.

*Plant height will vary. 

Part Sun
Pet Friendly

The Dirt

Native to Mexico, South America, and the West Indies. Piperaceae was most likely derived from pipali which is a Sanskrit word that means long pepper. The long pepper refers to the Peperomia’ s flowers, which resemble a tall slender spike. The flower is unique but it is the plants leaves that attract the most attention. They tend to not grow very quickly so there is not a need to repot often or worry about pruning them. Peperomia rarely grow more than 12 inches in height, which makes them great for small spaces.

Part Sun

This plant likes most rooms with windows facing west or east. You could place it in a spot away from a very sunny window – as light intensity goes down quick as you move away from the light source.


Water every three weeks. Let soil dry up before watering. Feel the soil, top layer should be dry, if not dry, wait two days. If the soil still is wet you risk giving the plant too much water, you don’t want it to rot.

Pet Friendly

Yay! This plant is not toxic to our furry friends (regardless, you don’t want them to chew on this beauty).

Peperomia Red Edge

Care Tips

The more variegation and color your Peperomia has, the more it’ll need light to enhance that shade. Insufficient light may result in dull color and leaves dropping

If overwatered, the roots can rot since they anchor the plant and don’t retain water 

Their root system is small so they do retain water via their leaves, hence, removing any dust and misting them every other week is helpful

Native to Mexico & South America

Common Name

Radiator Plant

Botanical Name




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